Expansion Vault
Core Team
Airdrop Pool
Reward Pool
Strategic Partnerships


The total supply of $XFT, the music utility token, is 188,448,707.37

$XFT will serve a variety of purposes within the NFTempo ecosystem. Check out our lightpaper for a deeper dive!


Rewards Pool

The rewards pool serves as our mechanism for rewarding active participation and positive community actions.

NFTempo rewards musicians who top the following monthly charts:

  • Hottest (fastest growing artist of the month) $1000.00 in $XFT
  • No.1 (most listened to song of the month, on and off platform) $500.00 in $XFT
  • Golden (highest earning song of the month) [royalties hub exclusive] $250.00 in $XFT
  • NFTempo will also match 10% of tips made by fans to musicians. This will be added to the monthly $XFT airdrop pool.

Core Team

The core team fund represents 10% of the total supply. This will remain locked for 12 months and subsequently released over a 24 month period (subject to monthly trading volume). To reinforce our commitment to transparency, the community will be notified of all core team wallet activity.

Expansion Vault

20% of tokens will be allocated to the expansion of NFTempos ecosystem and community stewardship. This will include running a validator node to support the XRPL and carbon offsetting. NFTempo will be fully carbon neutral and fully ESG compliant within our first year of operations.

Airdrop Fund

The $XFT airdrop pool makes up 15% of the total supply, this will be airdropped to $XFT holders over the course of 12 months via monthly snapshots and airdrops based on the size of a user's holdings.

Strategic Partnerships

NFTempo will retain 5% of tokens for strategic partnerships to further the ecosystem and reach of our community.